Brewers Top 10 Prospects

  1. Orlando Arcia-SS- (AA-Biloxi Shuckers)


-Arcia is the younger brother of Oswaldo Arcia, a once upon a time very promising player for the Minnesota Twins who was so bad he was sent down to AAA. Arcia has been labeled as a star for the future by many people and the Brewers are so excited and ready for his break into major league ball that they traded former All-Star SS Jean Segura. Arcia can do literally everything, hit for contact and power, run, field and throw. Arcia proved his worth in AA Biloxi last year and no one will know how long it will be before he claims his spot on the MLB depth chart.

Where will he be in 2016?: He will start 2016 in AAA but I think it will be a Kris Bryant story and he will be in the majors very soon.


2. Brett Phillips-CF-(AA-Biloxi Shuckers)


-Phillips came over in the Carlos Gomez trade along with Domingo Santana who is in the majors already, Josh Hader who finds his way in the Top 15 on’s 2015 prospect watch, and Adrian Houser who should see some big league time this year. Phillips can hit for power and contact and can run exceptionally well. Between A (Adv.) and AA he hit 16 home runs, drove in 77 runs and stole 17 bags. Phillips can easily match what Carlos Gomez did in Milwaukee and is the Center Fielder of the future.

Where will he be in 2016?: Phillips will be starting in AAA but like Arcia, i think Phillips will come up after a brief stint in AAA.

3. Trent Clark-OF-(AZL Brewers)


-Clark is one of those players who make you excited for the future, his raw power to go along with solid contact and plus speed are attractive. Clark features one of the weirdest things in baseball as he bats with no batting gloves and has a grip on the bat compared to a golf grip. Clark had an offer to go play college baseball at Texas Tech but signed with the Brewers and will run his way up the organizational ladder rather fast.

Where will he be in 2016?: Since Clark only played 43 games in Single A last season i think he will start out in Single A but end up in Double A Biloxi for sure. 

4. Gilbert Lara-SS-(AZL Brewers)


-Lara is a rare specimen for his position a shortstop with massive power, it seems to be a good problem the Brewers have is acquiring young power hitting short stops. With Arcia being staked as the short stop for the far far future, Lara will have to move positions maybe such as 3rd base who the Brewers do not have a long term plan at (or short term for that matter) so a move to 3rd base will benefit the Brewers in the long run.

Where will he be in 2016?: I think he will crack Single A and stay there all year, has his ETA at 2019, which means he will get a year at every level from here on out and i agree. 

5. Tyrone Taylor-OF-(AA-Biloxi Shuckers)


-Taylor has had an odd career so far, In A. Adv Brevard County he hit for the first cycle in Brevard County history and had one of the hottest hot streaks in all of minor league baseball. In 2015 it was a totally different game for Tyrone Taylor, he ended up only hitting .250 but what has stayed true with Tyrone and keeps him up atop this list is he is contagious for extra base hits, last year while he hit .250 he hit 20 doubles, 3 triples and 3 home runs.

Where will he be in 2016?: Taylor will probably start the season in AAA and if he can hit and continue to hit he will most likely crack the majors before the end of the year.

6. Clint Coulter-OF-(A.Adv Brevard County Manatees)


-Clint is a surprise that he hasnt moved all the way up the ladder yet, Coulter was drafted in 2012 and had a rough time right out of the gates but over the last few seasons has shown a massive uprise in the few years after. Last year he showed decent power with 13 home runs, 30 doubles and 3 triples which is comparible to Tyrone Taylor. Coulter is a promising player who made the jump from Catcher to Outfield.

Where will he be in 2016?: Coulter should be set to join the Biloxi Shuckers and play there throughout the season, maybe make the late season jump to the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. 

7. Jorge Lopez-SP-(AAA Colorado Springs/MLB Milwaukee Brewers)


-Lopez showed up strong in Milwaukee last season after being called up from AA Biloxi towards the end of the season. In Lopez’s first major league season he went 1-1 with a 5.40 ERA while giving up 6 earned runs and racking up 10 strikeouts. The numbers that jump out at you though are the 14 hits he gave up in 2 starts (averaging 7 hits per game). Lopez is crafty with his pitching and was able to touch 94 mph on average on his 4 seam fastball.

Where will he be in 2016?: Lopez will be where he ended 2015 I think, if not starting maybe in the bullpen, otherwise he will be in AAA for a bit then come up when the Brewers need him.



8. Kodi Medeiros-SP-(A-Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)


-The young Hawaiian proved the baseball community that the Brewers were right in drafting him with a high pick. In 25 games with Class A Wisconsin he pitched to a 4-5 record with a 4.44 ERA, 40 BB and 94 K’s without giving up a homerun. Medeiros has one of the best sliders ever seen by scouts, he gave high school catchers fits just trying to catch it.

Where will he be in 2016?: Medeiros should find his jersey changing to a blue color with shucukers written across the top. He should stay in AA the whole season

9. Devin Williams-SP-(Single A-Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)


-Williams has the size and stature to become a #2 or 3 major league starter, his season last year was better than his fellow Timber Rattler (Kodi Medeiros). I moved Williams down because i think Jorge Lopez proved last year he was a pretty good prospect and Medeiros has been one of my favorites since he was drafted ( had Williams at 7, ahead of Lopez and Medeiros) Williams finished with a 3-9 record with a 3.44 ERA with 36 walks and 89 strikeouts.

Where will he be in 2016?: Williams will like Medeiros see the Biloxi blue at sometime this season, not if right away, then later down the road this season.


10. Zach Davies-SP-(AAA-Colorado Springs Sky Sox/MLB-Milwaukee Brewers)


-Davies did very well in his first few major league appearances. Like Jorge Lopez, Davies came up towards the end of the season but from Colorado Springs instead. His numbers at Colorado Springs werent that great but as you see in the major leagues Colorado is not a good place for a pitcher to play. His 5.00 ERA from Colorado Springs went to 3.71 in whats considered a hitters park in Milwaukee. In 6 games he gave up 14 runs but he pitched very well otherwise. Davies racked up 24 K’s in his 6 games as a Brewer last season.

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