Milwaukee Native Adam Walker claimed by the Brewers

jea 1185 spring trianing 022916
2016 Minnesota Twins Spring Training (photo creds:


Adam Walker is a 25 year old Milwaukee native, claimed by the Milwaukee Brewers off of the Minnesota Twins. He was drafted in the third round in 2012, and spent 5 years in the minors. He is compared to Chris Carter because of the high power numbers, but also the high strike out numbers. Last season for the Rochester Red Wings he hit 27 home runs/ 75 RBIs and had a batting average of .243. Walker also racked up 202 strikeouts in 478 at bats which is an insane amount of strikeouts in one season.

It’ll be interesting where the Brewers will fit him because the outfield seems pretty packed with the many combinations the Brewers outfield has. Also, with him being a younger version of Chris Carter it could be a possibility that Walker could be moved to first base if Carter gets traded since his price is rising like his power numbers are. In the position that the Brewers are in now, the team is all about versatile players, meaning players that will play anywhere. Craig Counsell is known to stick any player he sees fit at first base and also juggles around the lineup a lot to find out what works. Adam Walker is more athletic and younger than Chris Carter, so the big question is, “Where is he going to fit?” and “Is he going to replace Chris Carter?” The Brewers are a team that is willing to experiment and push players to show what they are actually capable of. He will be a great fit in Milwaukee, and Welcome Home Adam!

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