Catching Up On The Crew: 40 man protectees, adds and drops

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The Brewers have made a flurry of moves so far this off-season and today they made another small move which ties into all of the others.

11/23/16:Brewers designate RHP David Goforth, Claim RHP Blake Parker from Los Angeles Angels


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  • This move is kind of a head shaker as some thought Goforth should’ve lost his roster spot to P-Wei Chung-Wang or OF-Kyle Wren. Instead, David Stearns goes out and gets reliever Blake Parker from the Angels. Parker is 31 years old and has been in the majors since 2012 where he broke in with the Chicago Cubs, where he pitched in 7 games to a 6.00 ERA. 2013 was Parker’s best year with the Cubs where he saw 46 innings and pitched to a 2.72 ERA, it would be Parker’s best year his whole career. 2015 was his last year with the Cubs before moving on to sharing the 2016 season with the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. Goforth has a career 6.11 ERA compared to Parker’s 3.87 career ERA. If Goforth is neither traded or claimed by a team then he will remain a Brewers and most likely end up in the minor leagues.

11/18/16: Brewers claim power-hittingĀ OF-Adam Brett Walker from the Minnesota Twins


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  • After leaving Wang and Wren off the 40 man, the Brewers picked up a huge power threat in the outfield in Milwaukee native Adam Brett Walker. Walker has hit 31 homers in a season in the minors, but last year put 202 (yes 202) strikeouts in 478 at bats. Lets think about that for a moment, Mark Reynolds is considred the king of strikeouts in the MLB for many years. Reynolds highest amount of strikeouts in a single season was 223 in 578 at bats… Walker last season was only 21 strikeouts away in 100! 100 less at bats against minor league pitching nontheless. But Walker brings monumentus power to the Brewers (4 straight 20+ home runs seasons), much like Prince Fielder could you imagine the amount of home runs he could hit in Miller Park? Which is much smaller dimensions then many other parks in the minors and majors. My opinon is much of the same, personally i wouldve loved to have kept Kyle Wren and have Walker but I personally cant wait to see Walker mash in Miller.


11/18/16: Brewers protect 4 Top 20 prospects and Taylor Williams


Cubs Brewers Spring Baseball
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The Rule 5 draft takes players from teams minor league affiliates and puts them into a draft to be drafted by other teams. These players have to be added to teams 40 man rosters in ordered to be protected by the organization. The Brewers had 4 of their top 20 prospects that were Rule 5 draft eligable: Josh Hader, Brett Phillips, Lewis Brinson and Ryan Cordell. The Brewers kept all 4 of the top 20, and the 5th guy they kept surprised alot of Brewer fans. Heres a list of players that couldve took the 5th spot:

  • LHP-Wei Chung-Wang
    • Posted an oustanding 3.78 ERA bouncing between AA and AAA last year after being sent down by the Brewers after a rough first MLB appearence.
  • OF-Kyle Wren
    • Utility outfielder who had a very good year in AA and AAA and was a surprise to Brewer fans that he never saw the major league field last season.
  • OF-Tyrone Taylor
    • One of the Brewers Top 30 prospects who has dissapointed two years in a row was an obvious thought for the Brewers to keep

To the surprise of Brewers fans, none of the 3 listed were the 5th guy they decided to keep. The Crew kept RHP-Taylor Williams who hasnt pitched since 2014 because of injury issues but dominated for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers going 8-1 with a 2.36 ERA. You see stats like that and think… well why are people mad aabout keeping him? Brewers fans are not happy that they kept a player who hasnt pitched in 2 years when Wei Chung-Wang pitched last year and had a reletively good sseason for AA and AA. Hopefully the Brewers will get lucky no one takes the 3 that I mentioned which would allow the Brewers to get them back.


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