North Shore Conference Weekly Recap: Week 1

High School Basketball season is officially underway! The first conference games of the year happened this week. Here are the results!

Nicolet 68 Germantown 77

The Nicolet Knights were led by Freshamn Jamari Sibley with 19 points. Junior Jack Brahm had 15 points for the Knights. The Knights drop to 0-1 in conference and 2-2 overall.         For many years the Germantown Warhawks have dominated the North Shore Conference. After losing 95-88 against Milwaukee Hamilton, the Warhawks bounced back in their conference opener to start their conference season with a win. The Warhawks were led by Senior Kyle Clow, who dropped 27 points against the Knights. Sophomore Luke Taylor had a decent game as he had 15 points. The Warhawks go to 1-0 in conference and 1-1 overall.

Grafton 61 Homestead 58

In their first conference game with their new head coach Damon James, the Grafton Blackhawks pulled out a close one as they defeated the Homestead Highlanders.The Blackhawks were led by Senior Logan Hilgart who had 17 points and 4 rebounds. Senior Justin Peters had 13 points for the Blackhawks in their opener. The Blackhawks go to 1-0 in conference and 2-1 overall.                                                                                                                             For the Highlanders Junior Greg Foster Jr., who has a division one NCAA scholarship offer from Texas-El Paso, had 20 points for the Highlanders, he was helped by Senior Garrett Mitman who had 12 points in the Highlanders loss. The Highlanders fall to 0-1 in conference and 0-1 overall.

Milwaukee Lutheran 68 Port Washington 48

Under their new head coach Jim Datka, the Milwaukee Lutheran Red Knights defeated the Port Washington Pirates to start the conference season. The Red Knights were led by Dominican transfer Ken Daniels Jr. who had an outstanding 30 points against the Pirates. The Sophomore dropped 6 three pointers against the Pirates. Junior Isaiah Owens had 12 points, and Junior Joe Bradford had 10 points for the Red Knights in their victory. The Red Knights go to 1-0 in conference and 3-1 overall.                                                                                     The Port Washington Pirates were led by Senior Jack Larson who had 12 points for the Pirates. Sophomore Adam Bairel had 11 points for the Pirates in their loss. The Pirates go to 0-1  in conference 0-2 overall.

Cedarburg 76 Whitefish Bay 51

The Cedarburg Bulldogs defeated the Whitefish Bay Blue Dukes in dominant fashion. The Bulldogs were led by Senior Jordan Johnson who had 31 points against the Blue Dukes. Junior John Diener, who is commited to De Paul University, had 21 points in the Bull Dogs victory. The Bulldogs have the ability to be the new top dog in the North Shore Conference this year. They go to 1-0 in conference and 3-0 overall.                                                                       The Whitefish Bay Blue Dukes were led by Senior Xavier Johnson, who had 16 points for the Blue Dukes. Junior Cade Garcia had 11 points for the Blue Dukes in their loss to the Bulldogs. The Blue Dukes start the season 0-1 in conference and overall.

It should be another interesting and exciting year in the North Shore Conference. Stick with us as  we’ll have you covered all year on Instant Sports Wisconsin.

*All stats come from*

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