Meet the Brewers Rule 5 Draft Picks

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The Brewers took 3 picks in this year’s MLB Rule 5 draft, only 2 of them stayed with Milwaukee though.

The Brewers selected a LHP Caleb Smith with their first round selection, Smith was taken from the Yankees system but then traded to the Cubs during the draft. But the Brewers were able to retain 2 players from the rule 5 draft.

Matt Ramsey-RHP-From Miami Marlins

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Ramsey has had a 4 year career in the minors split between the Rays and the Marlins, but the majority of his career was in the Marlins system. Ramsey only started 9 games in his minor league career, 5 with Tampa Bay’s Gulf Coast League Team and 4 last year with Miami’s Gulf Coast Team. Ramsey’s stats are really impressive, and by really impressive I mean a 7-6 career minor league record to go along with a 2.06 career ERA. Ramsey’s never made it past the AA level but his best year came in 2014 when pitched 44 games to a 1.47 ERA, 80 strikeouts and a .168 opponent batting average. Ramsey missed all of 2015 and some of 2016 with an unknown injury which is why he ended up in Gulf Coast League last season. Ramsey is seriously impressive but injuries have seem to caught up to him and he hasn’t made it past AA so we will see how this pick ends up for the Brewers.


Art Charles-1B-From Cincinnati Reds

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Charles is a bit of an unknown for the Brewers. Charles started his career with the Toronto Blue Jays and was traded to the Phillies for pitcher Michael Schwimer. The Phillies released Charles in spring training of 2016 and had to play in the Can-Am league with the New Jersey Jackals and ended up winning the Can Am Triple Crown which is leading in average, home runs and RBI’s. (.352 BA, 29 HR, 101 RBI) Charles was .10 batting average points ahead, 8 homeruns ahead and 22 RBI’s ahead. That being said it is the Can-Am league, and Charles haven’t played in the majors since 2015 where he hit .215. Charles will have to really impress to be able to stick in the majors, but a good season in the minors will stake him some good chances in the major leagues.

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