Brewers sign 5, including Tim Dillard

(Photo Credits: David Kohl/USA Today Sports)

The Brewers made a splash in free agency today signing/resigning 5 players, some under the radar and some fans hopefully expected.

Resigned Players:

P-Tim Dillard-Spent Time With: AAA Colorado Springs

(Photo Credits: Paat Kelly)



-The Brewers went ahead and resigned fan favorite Tim Dillard for this season. Dillard is more known for his comedic abilities rather than his pitching but his pitching isn’t all that bad either. Last year Dillard pitched to a 7-1 record and a 5.13 ERA and had one of his best years strikeout wise since 2010 (Tied 53 while with AA Huntsville in 2014). He also had the best GO/AO (ground out to air out) average in his whole career, to put that in comparison Max Scherzer’s GO/AO percentage this year was 0.67. Hopefully Dillard finds his way back up to Miller Park this summer to pitch instead of entertaining fans and being a all around funny guy. Dillard’s last time in the majors was 2012 so hopefully after a 5 year drought he will be back in the majors.


C-Rene Garcia-Spent Time With: AAA Colorado Springs & AA Biloxi

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-Along with Tim Dillard, Rene Garcia is the other one who re-signed and will stay with the Brewers. Garcia split time between AAA and AA last season, the majority of his at bats coming in AA Biloxi. AA was the worse of the 2 last season for Garcia as he hit for a .225 average in 120 at bats, in AAA he hit .290 in 62 at bats. Garcia had a very average season not leading in much of anything, and not having career totals at all but will fill a very weak position amongst the organization. Garcia has been a career minor league player and will most likely start the season with AA.


Newly Signed Players:


SS-Ivan Dejesus Jr.-Spent Time With: MLB Cincinnati Reds

(Photo Credits: David Kohl/USA Today Sports)



-Dejesus Jr. has been known for his time in baseball as more of a back up/defensive replacement type of infielder. That’s one of the reasons this move confuses me is because the Brewers usually target offensive players with a solid skill. The other reason this move confuses me is because of Dejesus’s age.. he will turn 30 in the middle of the season. Dejesus’s stats speak of being a defensive specialist as he doesn’t steal very much, doesn’t hit for much power and his average has been suspect and average as of late. His defense speaks for itself last year at SS in the major leagues, in 73 chances last season he only had one error which made his fielding percentage a solid .991. Dejesus was most likely acquired for his versatility as he logged an inning at every position in the majors last season except catcher. I think Dejesus will either start with AAA Colorado Springs or in the MLB with the big league club as a bench guy.

LHP-Andrew Barbosa-Spent Time With: AAA, AA, A (Adv.) and ROK Mets System

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-Andrew Barbosa is a tall lengthy lefty standing at 6 ft 8 inches tall, it sounds like he should be playing on a court with a basketball instead of a field with a baseball but nonetheless he will be in the Brewers system this season. Barbosa played a total of 16 games between 4 different levels in the Mets system including only 1 game in AAA. Barbosa spent most of his time last season in AA and that’s what some Brewers fans are skeptical about is that Barbosa has mostly only faced AA talent. A lat injury kept Barbosa off the mound which was part of the reason he only played 16 games, but his ERA’s were very good. The most games he pitched was 26 in 2013 with A+ Visalia and he pitched well in 134 innings he yielded a 3.81 ERA, Barbosa’s size allows him to dominate hitters with a totally different angle but he hasn’t been able to prove his worth past the AA level. I see Barbosa starting with A(Adv.) Carolina and working his way up the ladder and possibly finishing the season in AA or AAA if injuries don’t pop up.

RHP-Forrest Snow-Spent Time With: AA Jackson & AAA Tacoma

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-Snow is an interesting pick up, he had a good start to his career including a very good performance in the 2011 Arizona Fall League which included a 1.10 ERA in 16 innings and 16 strikeouts, good enough for a strikeout per inning. Snow has had rocky seasons and a few average seasons including a clunker in 2012 in Tacoma where he posted a 8.42 ERA in 13 games. Walks seem to be a part of Snow’s issues as he racked up 67 walks in 32 games. Snow seemed to pick up starting in 2015 as he started 20 games and racked up 96 strikeouts, but the walks kind of caught up to him as he gave up 41 free passes. Snow pitched pretty well between AA and AAA last season (2.37 ERA in AA and a 3.94 ERA in AAA, but only limited to 4 games in AAA) Snow is another one who has never seen the major leagues but I think he’ll start in AAA and make it to the big leagues in no time.

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