Value the Vets; How big of a help has Beasley and Jet been to the young Bucks?

(Photo Credits: Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP)

At the beginning of the season the Bucks acquired two veterans who have made a huge impact on the team that doesn’t get noticed every night by the box score.

Jason Terry and Michael Beasley have made an impact on this Bucks team not seen by any stat in the stat sheet. Veteran leadership is a huge thing to a team that is very young and not proven to everyone, at the beginning of the season ranked the Bucks tied with the Utah Jazz as the youngest team in the NBA. The Bucks starting lineups oldest player is 26 years of age (saying that Monroe is the starting center) who is averaging 9.2 ppg and hasn’t started every game. The youngest is Jabari Parker who is 21 years of age and is averaging 20.1 ppg which is good enough for 31st in the league, Giannis Antetokounmpo who is the next oldest in the starting lineup at 22 years of age averages 23.4 ppg which is good enough for 15th in the NBA right now.

Coming off the bench are two tenured vets in Jason Terry (Jet) and Michael Beasley (Beas) who have helped these young stars try to blossom into well trimmed veterans. Jet brings smart play and a very knowledgeable game of basketball to the table, Beasley brings a raw fire power and mean personality to the game but also a very smart game of basketball. Terry is only averaging 3 points in 16.4 minutes and Beasley is only averaging 8 ppg in 15 minutes.

Every successful sports team has a group of veterans who make the team prosper and push harder in difficult times. For example look at the Chicago Cubs, they won the world series with vets such as David Ross, John Lackey and Jon Lester. They also had under the radar bench players who made a big impact in Chris Coghlan and Miguel Montero.

Now lets compare the Bucks to the Cubs, the Bucks have the veterans like Beasley, Teletovic, Terry and Novak. But they also have the bench players who have made a hell of an impact this season in Malcolm Brogdon and John Henson. I’m not saying the Bucks are going to have an incredible regular season and run right through the playoffs but the Bucks have similarities to Cubs in roster wise and the Bucks will be a team to fear in the near future.

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