Giannis and Jabari in Top 10 for First All-Star Voting Release

(Photo Credits: Jeffrey Phelps/ AP Photo)

The Greek Freak put on a show last night in New York with a buzzer beating shot against the New York Knicks and after the First round of All-Star voting he put on yet another show with help of the fans.

The grateful Bucks fans showed up very well in All-Star voting as Giannis is only 3rd in all of the Eastern Conference in total votes behind LeBron and Kyrie Irving. As for Frontcourt and Backcourt, Giannis is 2nd in Frontcourt votes only behind LeBron and Jabari is 10th in the Frontcourt. Bucks fans need to show up to try to push Giannis possibly past Lebron, Lebron is only 94,625 votes ahead of the Greek Freak.

The player that needs your help the most is Jabari Parker, Parker sits at 10th with 64,141 votes.

There are many ways to vote for the young bucks, including just googling “NBA Vote” will bring you to a screen where you can pick the Bucks logo and chose your favorite Bucks.



Vote For The Bucks!

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